Every Walk is a Performance

Leading a heritage walk is all about engaging with your audience in an interactive manner. You need to kindle their imagination, expand their horizons and transport them to the world that is inhabited by your stories.

The art of storytelling fosters an intimate connection between the storyteller and the audience. Therefore, leading a walk is nothing short of a performance. As with any art form, practice makes perfect and we would to give you the opportunity to hone your skills.


India City Walks is a National Award winning brand that loves creating unique experiential itineraries. We provide an earthy cultural experience by connecting travelers with the local flavour of cities across India.

Recruitment is a rather formal word. In a nutshell, we’re interested in people with a fresh perspective, who have what it takes to be a walk leader and make their audience fall in love with the culturally plural nature of Indian cities. Beyond academic qualifications and work experience, we’re looking to connect with those who speak the same language as our organization: the language of passion.

If you love interacting with people and know your city, its culture and history like the back of your hand, you’ll fit right into our organization. In addition, you should possess good communication skills and be able to manage groups and individuals with a friendly and welcoming attitude.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

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We are always interested in recruiting new leaders with the right experience and qualifications.

You can also reach us by email info@indiacitywalks.com or call us on +91 989 969 2790